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Embassy House is a co-working space and innovation hub with a focus on start-ups and tech. With more than 100 awesome member companies at two central locations in Stockholm, we’re combining the three things we love most – people, business and technology! 

Whether you’re going it alone or already have a big team, we have flexible office spaces at humane prices: without scary selection panels or nerve-wracking acceptance processes.

Becoming a member of the Embassy House community doesn’t just mean affordable rent and a cool place to sit – you’ll also have the chance to connect with our amazing friends from all corners of the start-up world, and access great offers from our awesome partners. 

Just people connecting via their shared passion for all things tech and their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our focus



Games, education, real estate and visualization. We’re teaming up with HTC and Mission IX to push the boundaries of innovation and exploration.



Mobile and tablet games for kids, e-sport ventures, VR games and social-engagement games.


Communication Tech

Apps, tools and concepts that help companies tell their stories and communicate and engage with their audiences.


Smart Cities & AI

Companies that utilize the strength of sensors, open-source data and proprietary software. Everything from fleet management and production AI to efficiency and management applications.


Digital Platforms

A broad yet focused segment of niche services provided as a platform within governance, sustainability and commerce.



We are proud to bring BlockBlock to the mix of our vertical focus, a true Blockchain exploration space and business initiative.
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Ambassadors of tech

Why sit in any old office when you can be part of a community and all of the innovation and inspiration that comes with it? At Embassy House we understand that young and growing companies need more than a place to sit – they need room to grow and support to prosper.

Our mission is to empower our tenants, support their prosperity and drive innovation from all angles. We’re not just landlords – we’re ambassadors of tech!

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