Small business owner? Zenia recommends great industry news for you to discover, schedule and share on social media, or you can upload your own content.

Many companies lack the necessary resources to do everything they would like to do across all of the different platforms, so this is where Zenia helps!

Connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Medium (blog) and Pinterest!

Visit or watch our demo video  here:


  • A 3 Month Free Trial of the platform (Usually 2 weeks)
  • For 9 USD a month (Normally our basic account price) – an upgrade to our Business Plan (Normally 49 USD a month) which includes connection of up to 15 social media accounts, content automation, Facebook post booster (additional budget needed) and unlimited library storage for their own articles, photos and videos.
  • Access to our private users Facebook group where they can ask strategy questions related to startup marketing.
  • Please use the promo code when singing up to unlock the offer: ZENBASSY

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