We can provide legal expertise in a variety of legal areas. We offer fixed prices (as opposed to unpredictable hourly rates) when possible and work in a pragmatic way to limit the cost for the client. We do all of this and more for you:

  • Review, draft and negotiate all kinds of commercial agreements
  • Help you with everything concerning copyright, trademarks, patents, design, domain names, unfair competition and trade secrets
  • Draft your terms & conditions and cookies policy
  • Draft your privacy policy and help you with the GDPR
  • Set up incentive programs for your employees
  • Help you raise capital

You can also get free access for one year to WeSynch Contract, our digital platform with loads of templates.
You’ll find templates of NDAs, consultancy agreements, employment agreements and a FAQ explaining legal terms as well as notes  on what to think of as a startup when it comes to confidentiality, raising capital, issuing employee share options and more.

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