Our locations in Östermalm and Södermalm are tailor made for startups and scale-ups looking for a cost effective space where they can work, grow and collaborate. We know office prices in Stockholm are crazy right and we try really hard to be the cheaper alternative.

Embassy Linnégatan

3000 m2 of rich computing history and industrial an atmosphere unlike any office you’ve ever seen, the first combined Fintech, Regtech, Insuretech and Blockchain hub in Sweden.

We are also one of the biggest art galleries in Sweden with ongoing art exhibitions all year round.

50 offices from 6 – 200m2
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Embassy Medborgarplatsen

3000 m2 at the very heart of Södermalm. Situated inside Söderhallarna and overlooking Medborgarplatsen. Bright and airy atmosphere bristling with life.

If you like Södermalm it simply does not get any better than this.

80 offices from 8 – 300 m2
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