GoMore is where neighbours can share cars in a swift and safe way. The app gives you a handy rental contract, integrated payment and a full coverage rental insurance so that  you can get on the road in your neighbour’s car – or rent it out when you’re not using it.

GoMore provides mobility that is environmentally friendly and based on sharing.

A private owned car is parked 23 of 24 hours per day. By using our resources more effective, our cities become greener and better for the people in it. At the same time, car owners can earn some money by letting others use their car when they’re not.

Embassy Citizens; use the following promo code: GOEMBASSY and receive 200sek discount.
Offer is valid until the end of August 2019

Would you like to know more about renting out your car to your neighbour?

Klara Bergkvist

Tel. No: +46 723 000 838