Credable is the invoice insurance company that ensures you get paid, on time, every time.

The Credable application allows you to look up the credit rating of your customers across the Nordics and EU completely free of charge

And if the credit rating looks risky you can click and buy invoice insurance in an instant so that you know you will get paid even if your customer lets you down.

As an Embassy member you enjoy preferential rates for Credable invoice insurance as well as unlimited free credit checks on your customers.

Current discount level is : 15%

Additional incentive : a further 10% if you insurance more than 3 invoices per month

Credable has a special deal for all Embassy members. Embassy members get 99% off their first transaction (up to 50,000 SEK invoice amount).

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Use promo code: 99OFFEMBASSY

Note: If your total amount after the promo code is less than 1 SEK use the alternate promo code: 95OFFEMBASSY

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