Bisfront is a consultant bureau that help companies, in all different sizes, to achieve growth within sales, marketing and recruitment. With a wide range of competent consultants, we look at your specific situation in order to create cost effective and efficient long-term results. We tailor a solution for you, whether it’s sales, marketing or recruitment.

Only 5-10% of all start-up companies survive long enough to get investor backing. Bisfront helps you define the most efficient way to sell your product or service.

·  Who is your customer?

·  What are your Unique Selling Points?

·  How will you package your product or service to attract your market?

Bisfront helps you prove your marketability in order to get to “Round A”.

Bisfront offers all members at Embassy House a hefty discount on our 4-hour Workshop (25 000 SEK full price). For the members at Embassy House, we offer these workshops at 5000 SEK.

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Carl Westerström

Tel. no:  0762 00 80 80

Email: [email protected]